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Trainers Who are Educators

The fitness industry is flooded with trainers and programs that spoon feed protocols that are effective at changing body composition, yet lack the most important aspect - education. 

At Human Solution, our primary focus is to give you the tools required to live a healthy, sustainable life through personal training and lifestyle coaching. 

The Pyramid of Health

It gets talked about a lot, rarely executed. The foundation of a healthy lifestyle begins with nutrition. Programs with Human Solution include complete nutrition prescriptions that allow for flexibility and sustainability by finding the foods and balance of nutrients that work best for each individual client.

Movement as a Lifestyle

Whatever you imagine 'exercise' is, its only a very small slice of the pie. At Human Solution, we firmly believe that the best exercise, is the one you'll do! Effective movement can be anything from crushing heavy sets at the squat rack to walking the dog or playing tag with your kids. Our custom movement protocols work with you to find the most enjoyable and effective style of training.

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